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Official says pet ordinance "only goes so far," after woman is killed by pit bull

Posted January 11, 2018 10:32 a.m. EST

— A pit bull that attacked and killed a woman at a pet boarding facility in Brownsville, Louisiana, will be put down.

A spokesperson for the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office says it happened around eleven Tuesday night at the Happy Hounds Hotel.

Deputies responded and found the woman, who later died from her injuries.

The victim was a mother of five children, according to family members.

Happy Hounds says the dog's owner signed forms saying the dog was not aggressive.

The president of the parish "Police Jury," which creates city ordinances, says the ordinance that's in place for vicious pets only goes so far.

Scotty Robinson told our affiliate, "That dog should and will be put down. I can guarantee you that."

However, Robinson said, "We can't tell a business, no you can't board this type of breed, this type of animal or anything like that. We don't have a specific pit bull ordinance because all pit bulls are bad, because they're not all bad."

Robinson also said dog owners need to know, and be honest about what their animal is capable of.