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Officers on leave after using coin toss to determine speeding driver's fate

Posted July 16, 2018 1:02 p.m. EDT

— The mayor of Roswell says she is shocked and offended after two officers were caught on camera using a coin to determine if they were going to arrest a speeding driver.

The shocking video taken of the incident on April 7 made national headlines and has led to both officers being placed on administrative leave.

Roswell Police officer Courtney Brown knew the driver passing her on the right in this dash cam video was going way over the limit. But because she didn't have a radar gun, she didn't know exactly how much over the limit.

That's why, while running the plates, she remarked to her partner that she wasn't sure if there was enough for a reckless driving arrest.

You can't see their faces in the video, but the two officers are Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson.

One of the officers tells the other officer, "Do you want the Atlanta answer or the Roswell answer?"

Wilson makes an inside joke that an Atlanta officer would probably let the driver go, while an officer in Roswell wouldn't, but they decide to leave the final decision up to a coin flip.

The coin lands on tails, and next thing Sarah Webb knows, she's getting arrested.

But in a surprise move, the prosecutor in charge of the case unilaterally decides not to press charges on the grounds that the officers' coin toss was too unprofessional. The Chief of Police in Roswell agrees.

Lori Henry, the mayor of Roswell, said she was shocked and offended by the officers' actions says she finds the behavior of the officers "inexcusable and unprofessional." She goes on to say that she "expects her police officers to adhere to the highest professional standards."

The two officers are currently on administrative leave as the investigation continues.