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Officer accidentally fires weapon while responding to call

Posted July 17, 2018 2:54 p.m. EDT

— A family says an Atlanta Police officer who responded when their home alarm went off accidentally fired his weapon inside their kitchen.

The home belongs to the daughter and son-in-law of Andrea Demons. Demons say the pair was out of town when the alarm company called her to check on the home. She met police at the house.

"He looked in the garage, checked under the cars, made sure that no one was out her in the garage," said Demons.

Demons says the officer walked to the kitchen door while she stayed outside the garage.

"He opened the door, when he opened the door I heard a pop," she said.

When she heard the sound, she thought perhaps a light bulb had blown.

"I ran back to my car and he immediately came out of the garage and apologized...'I'm sorry I'm sorry I don't know what happened when I opened the door I discharged my weapon,'" said Demons.

Demons' son-in-law, the homeowner, says their home surveillance the incident.

"He seemed very young ... I think he scared himself it was very obvious that he was very nervous," said Demons.

After checking the entire home, the officer assured her it was all clear. She says what came next came as a surprise.

"He then apologized and asked me if I knew where the bullet went which I thought was rather strange because I was not in the house and it didn't occur to me," said Demons.

Demons says the officer gave her a card with an incident complaint number. Her son-in-law would some time later find the bullet when he returned from out of town.

But that night the mother-in-law says she thought it was strange after she had left and gone home but got a call from yet again the alarm company. Six officers had responded since she'd left.

"She called back and she said yeah he had not put the information in the system to let them know he had already been there," said Demons.

The incident occurred June 20 and now nearly three weeks later they've not heard anything.

"I can only hope he filled out the report correctly and said he discharged his weapon. Maybe he didn't say it, maybe they don't know."