October begins with September storm cleanup for Hoke County homeowners

Posted October 1, 2016 7:45 p.m. EDT
Updated October 1, 2016 7:47 p.m. EDT

— Red Cross volunteers were fanning out across the Sandhills this weekend, checking on people whose homes were flooded in this week’s torrential rain.

The rain that fell overnight Wednesday into Thursday closed roads and schools and sent many residents fleeing for higher ground. As the floodwater began receding, residents spent the weekend cleaning up and taking stock of the damage.

The rain was gone as October came to Hoke County but the mucky, smelly residue of the September storm is still all over Chris McIntyre’s driveway, car and living room.

The water rose to about a foot high in the home he shares with his mother off Rockfish Road and along Puppy Creek.

"The water came up almost to the outlets and our beds and furniture and carpets, pretty much everything got messed up,' McIntyre said. "You really understand how easy it is to lose everything really quick."

On Saturday, Red Cross volunteers were checking in to make sure they had enough food and a place to stay.

“Fortunately, we have great neighbors and friends and family that are working with us and helping us out,” McIntyre said.

A few miles away on Wayside Road, a pump was on the side of the road, sucking water out of a ditch and James Jackson’s yard and house. Jackson said he has been through two floods and received no help from the county.

“I cleaned it out before, but I ain’t starting over no more,” Jackson said. “I’m tired of fighting.”

Throughout Hoke County, road closure signs and barricades remained everywhere. County officials said five main roads were sliced in two by the floodwaters and they’re not likely to reopen anytime soon.

A chasm on Johnson Mill Road looks as though a fault line split open.

“It shows you Mother Nature is nothing to play with,” said Denise Smith, who lives in the neighborhood.

The state Secretary of Transportation and engineers visited the Sandhills Friday, saying road repairs would begin as soon as possible.