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Oakwood Cemetery adds bee hives

The 102-acre Oakwood Cemetery will soon be home to two bee hives.

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Oakwood Cemetery
Raleigh Public Record
RALEIGH, N.C. — Staff at the Oakwood Cemetery are trying their hand at a new task: beekeeping.

The 102-acre cemetery will soon be home to two bee hives, officials said.

Honeybees are in danger due to use of pesticides. Adding them to the cemetery (35 percent of which remains undeveloped) seemed like a good way to continue strong land stewardship, said Robin Simonton, cemetery director.

“We still have a lot to learn in the cycle of the bee’s lives. However, we feel we are being good stewards to our land and helping not only our surrounding neighborhoods but also the endangered honey bees," she said.

Staff are partnering with the team at Wake Monument Co. on the project. Simonton expects honey by this fall or next summer. Proceeds from the sale of the honey will go to the Friends of Oakwood Cemetery.

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