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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo came across a car accident and cut a man loose from his seat belt

Posted January 6, 2020 2:46 p.m. EST

— A passenger stuck in a car accident on a New York highway was freed by an unlikely rescuer Monday morning: Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Footage from his staff shows the Democratic New York governor helping a man out of the driver's seat of a van turned on its side.

Cuomo and his team were driving on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to catch a flight when they passed the accident, Cuomo's spokesperson Dani Lever told CNN.

A large catering van that had run up the median looked like it was about to tip over, she said.

NYPD hadn't arrived on the scene yet, so Cuomo and the state police he was traveling with got out of the car and cut the passenger out of his seat belt, Lever said.

Another video from the governor's office shows Cuomo hugging the man he helped rescue.

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