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Now is the time to assess your yard and yard service

Posted February 4, 2020 7:01 p.m. EST

Enjoying your winter break from the yard?

No weeds to pull. The leaves are all gone. Winter is a good time to reassess your yard and your lawn care service.

Consider what happened to Darryel Pratt.

He hired a local lawn care business to handle the grass, weeds and flower beds.

“We found out in the spring that they took out more than just the weeds, they took the flowers out as well. It was just a bad job,” said Pratt.

Avoid a similar issue and do your research, especially since a service can cost hundreds of dollars.

Consumer Reports says look at your yard to get an idea of what you actually need. Is it help growing grass or just maintaining?

Ask friends or neighbors for recommendations.

Then ask potential companies: do employees have formal training or experience in lawn care? Are they licensed? And are they involved in any professional organizations?

"That’ll give you a good idea of how serious they are about their trade,” said Dan Wroclawski, Consumer Reports home reporter.

Consumer Reports says a reputable company can give your lawn a health checkup and create a customized plan.

“Make sure they’re testing the soil, they’re checking its acidity, they’re looking at your plants to make sure they are healthy, they’re in the right places for the right growing conditions,” said Wroclawski.

It's also worth getting multiple bids that detail the recommended services for your lawn and how much each will cost.

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