Personalized remote learning, anywhere in NC

Since 2007, the North Carolina Virtual Public School has been providing students all over the state with equal access to a wide variety of supplemental online courses, regardless of geographic location. The program, which offers enrollment through local public schools, has reached almost 500,000 course enrollments since starting and is only continuing to grow, making it the second largest state virtual school in the country.

With a staff of highly qualified and experienced North Carolina licensed teachers and an impressive array of resources, the NCVPS makes virtual learning personalized, productive and positive for each student involved.

Each year, the program offers an estimated 150 courses to choose from, ranging from core courses to world languages, AP, career and technical, arts, and middle school courses, all of which are aligned to North Carolina standards. Tools offered by the NCVPS, including the nationally recognized peer tutoring center, allow students to access the help and guidance they need to succeed in each course.

Through carefully curated software and strategic teaching methods, NCVPS is able to create an online classroom environment that encourages participation and engagement and propels students to career and college readiness.