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Hot air balloon launches Red Cross contest

The Hurricanes' home announcer is challenging North Carolinians to spot him flying around in big red hot air balloon this summer. It's an awareness campaign for the American Red Cross.

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N.C. Red Cross stays put, watching Hanna
RALEIGH, N.C. — To spot, or not to spot: That is the question one man is asking North Carolina residents this summer.
The home announcer for the Carolina Hurricanes is launching an American Red Cross awareness campaign Saturday.

Brian Hoyle is asking residents to find him and his hot air balloon, called Big Red, on different days throughout the summer. The balloon bears a large Red Cross banner.

Hoyle is encouraging people to report Big Red balloon sightings on the campaign's Web site. A winner will be selected for one free hot air flight.

The time and location for the winner's free flight will be determined later.

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