McCrory raising money for 2012?

2008 GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory is using the Voter ID issue to raise money, although he hasn't yet officially entered a race.

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Laura Leslie

2008 GOP gubernatorial contender Pat McCrory has yet to officially declare his candidacy for a 2012 rematch against Gov. Bev Perdue.  But he's using her veto of Voter ID to raise money for a run for something.   

Yesterday, the McCrory campaign sent out an email blast urging readers to push for an override of Perdue's veto:

"...the legislature passed a commonsense law that would require voters to present a photo ID before voting. But like so many other commonsense bills, Governor Perdue chose to veto it purely for political reasons.

"Fortunately, our elected leaders in the North Carolina General Assembly have a chance to override her veto and pass this bill into law. Just like during the budget debate, Governor Perdue can be rendered irrelevant.

"We need to send our legislative leaders a message that North Carolinians overwhelmingly support this commonsense legislation and that they must override the Governor's political veto."

In the message, McCrory encourages readers to enter a video contest on YouTube, find him on Facebook or Twitter, and to donate to "help spread my message across North Carolina."

The donation page features a photo of McCrory with donation buttons and the following message:

"North Carolina will be the epicenter of the national election in 2012. Hundreds of Acorn type organizers are descending on our state in an attempt to influence the election. The requirement of producing a photo ID when voting will insure an honest election and make the job of these outside organizers much more difficult. Your contribution will help us return North Carolina to the honest government we deserve."

The page is "Paid for by The Pat McCrory Committee." 

This appears to be McCrory's first widespread fundraising push for an upcoming campaign.

Up till now, according to Damon Circosta at the NC Center for Voter Education, McCrory has been raising money for a PAC called New Leadership NC. Records at the State Board of Elections show the PAC was zeroed out late last year, contributing about $9,700 each to the NC House and Senate GOP caucuses.  

Meantime, McCrory's campaign committee, which is still open since his 2008 race, has been pretty quiet, taking in only two donations in 2010. The last reported balance, December 2010, was a a little over $61,500. 

McCrory didn't respond to an emailed query about whether he has officially entered any race. When he was our guest on On the Record in February, he wouldn't say whether he'll seek the GOP's 2012 nomination for governor. But the email above certainly looks like that's the case. 




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