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The redistricting chairs released their proposed new Senate maps today. Who's out of their districts, and where are the open seats?

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Proposed map of NC Senate districts
Laura Leslie

Unless congressmembers, state lawmakers are legally required to live within the boundaries of their districts. If those lines are redrawn so that's no longer the case, then they're said to have been "drawn out" of a district.  On the other hand, if the district is drawn to include the homes of two incumbents, they're said to be "double-bunked" - that is, only one can win re-election.

Five pairs of senators would be double-bunked under the current proposal:

Guilford: Phil Berger (R) and Don Vaughn (D)

Forsyth: Pete Brunstetter (R) and Linda Garrou (D)

Orange: Bob Atwater (D) and Ellie Kinnaird (D)

Cleveland/Burke: Debbie Clary (R) and Warren Daniels (R)

Moore: Jerry Tillman (R) and Harris Blake (R)

Since NC has to have 50 senators, that means five other districts have to be created.

The open seats are:

The new 5th in Wayne, Greene, Lenoir, and Pitt counties (a majority-minority district)

The new 22nd, in Durham, Caswell and Person counties

The new 27th, in southeastern Guilford 

The new 32nd, in Winston-Salem (a majority-minority district)

And the new 41st,  in northern/eastern Mecklenburg.



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