Draft schedules for special session

Posted July 6, 2011 10:44 a.m. EDT

House and Senate leaders have released draft schedules for the upcoming special session on redistricting.

The Senate schedule, available on the front page of the legislative website, is pretty basic. They'll gavel in at noon on Wed., July 13th, then hold three skeleton sessions until the full chamber reconvenes Monday, July 25th. They'll read in the maps that morning at 8, then reconvene at 1pm to debate and vote on the congressional maps.

The House schedule is a lot more detailed.  You can find the whole thing here, but basically, they'll meet the 13th and then adjourn till Friday the 22nd. 

Meantime, the House and Senate Redistricting committees will hold tag team meetings from the morning of Thursday the 21st through the evening of Saturday the 23rd.

Beginning Monday July 25th, the House will hold morning sessions to debate maps, and afternoon sessions for the other business permitted under the adjournment resolution – veto overrides, election laws, and unfinished conference reports. 

Both chambers are planning to wrap up the session Thursday, July 29th.