After the budget veto override: reactions

Rep. Dewey Hill called it a budget he could "sleep on." Rep Mickey Michaux called it a "hellacious mess." And Speaker Thom Tillis called it "historic." Watch the clips here.

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Laura Leslie

House Speaker Thom Tillis said "We're proud to have this past us.  We think we've done something historic on several different levels."

Tillis praised the "courageousness" of the five Democrats whose votes made the override possible. "They're all men of honor and men of their word, and I'm proud to serve with them."

Asked why the vote was scheduled for an unusual post-midnight session instead of during daylight hours Wednesday, Tillis said, "When you consider the distraction and the time that would have been spent between the time we woke up tomorrow morning and the time we took the veto, we'd have lost productivity."

But Rep. Mickey Michaux, D-Durham, said the dark-of-night vote "ought to raise some suspicions all along the line."

"They thought that we as Democrats did some bad things. They really embellished what we did and took it to a higher plane. It's just been one big hellacious mess that we've had here recently," Michaux said.


And Rep. Dewey Hill, D-Columbus, one of the "Party of Five" Democrats who voted with the GOP to override the budget, said he had no regrets. 

"We thought it was the best we could do," Hill said. "It's a good budget. I can go to sleep tonight on it."


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