Republicans: Veto 'a shame'

Posted April 16, 2011 11:50 a.m. EDT

It didn't take long for Gov. Bev Perdue's Republican foes to comment on her announced veto of H383, the poison-pill benefits bill.

From Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger:

“Republicans voted to extend unemployment benefits and prevent a government shutdown, but the governor is too addicted to state spending to support either of those efforts. She should be ashamed of herself.”

And from NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes:

“Governor Perdue’s veto of House Bill 383 is the latest example of how far she will go to avoid working with Republicans in the General Assembly. Rather than working with Republicans to find common-sense solutions to our state’s economic problems, Governor Perdue is only committed to more government spending and raising taxes on North Carolina families and businesses. 

"It is a shame that Governor Perdue would cut off the jobless benefits of 37,000 families to avoid cutting one cent from her big spending, big government budget proposal.”

Of course, neither statement mentions the fact that House Speaker Thom Tillis admitted Thursday that state government would not shut down in case of a budget impasse.

It's also worth noting that Senate Democrats tried to amend the bill to remove the budget language but keep the jobless benefits going. That amendment was voted down by the Senate's Republican majority.