Perdue: GOP playing politics with jobless

Gov. Perdue says House Bill 383, linking extended jobless benefits to a budget power play, is "extortion."

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Laura Leslie

Governor Bev Perdue was asked this afternoon for her reaction to H383, a measure that links an extension of jobless benefits to a spending resolution intended to reduce the governor's bargaining power in the budget process.

The bill won tentative approval this afternoon in the Senate on a straight party-line vote. The text of the measure is here.

"Sounds like extortion to me, dereliction of duty, all those words," Perdue said.  

"You’ve got about 37,000 families today worried about getting that extension of unemployment. I mean these are real people who need milk and bread and stuff to pay their light bill and their gas bill," said Perdue.  "And you’ve got a bunch of politicians – leaders, they’re supposed to be - who’re sworn to take an oath – I mean they took an oath on the bible – to do what they need to do, and their core responsibility is passing the budget?”

"These are real people. You can't do this. It just makes me sick for North Carolina," Perdue said.  

You can see the short interview on YouTube, where Perdue's office posted the video.  

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