House budget proposal: General Government cuts

Proposed cuts to the six major areas of state government were released tonight. I'm posting my notes as I look through them.

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Laura Leslie

Proposed cuts to the six major areas of state government were released tonight. I'm posting my notes as I look through them. It's by no means an exhaustive list for any area - more like the highlights. 

The General Government budget proposal would cut 16% overall. The document  is here.
  • It would move campaign finance investigations out of State Board of Elections, and lobbyist compliance out of the Secretary of State’s office. Both would move under the State Ethics Commission.
  • It would cut 24% from the State Auditor's office, moving performance audits under the oversight of the legislature, reducing audits for the UNC system and community colleges, and closing auditor’s offices in most major cities around the state.

Department of Cultural Resources -15% cut

  • Would make some positions at state historic sites and some museums receipt-supported, which means they’ll probably have to start charging admission, and zero out the state’s Archeology Lab and Curation facility
  • Reduces state aid to local libraries by 15%
  • Eliminates funding for Lost Colony, Shakespeare festival, Vagabond School of Drama
  • Cuts Arts Council grants by 25%, and NC Symphony funding by 10%

General Assembly budget - 16% cut

  • Increases prices in the legislative cafeteria and snack bar by 10%
  • Cuts vacant and temporary positions, staff travel
  • No new furniture
  • No cuts to legislator pay, per diems, travel, or benefits

Governor’s/Lieutenant Governor's offices - 15% cut

  • 12 positions cut from Governor’s office, 6 filled, 6 vacant
  • 6 positions cut from Lieutenant Governor's office, 5 of them filled. UPDATE:  Lt Gov Dalton's spokesman Schorr Johnson says the proposed cuts amount to half the filled office staff, closer to 40% than 15%

Dept of Revenue - 14% cut

  • Loses 76 positions; two dozen more become receipt-funded
  • 1.5 million cut from taxpayer assistance centers

State Board of Elections - 34% cut

  • Eliminates eight district elections technicians and two voting systems technicians
  • Campaign Finance moves under State Ethics Commission

State Treasurer - 37% cut

  • Half the cut would come from making Local Government Operations receipt-funded, which means cities and counties would have to pay for services

Eliminates funding for NC Humanities Council


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