Hackney: 'We'll be unanimous'

House Minority Leader Joe Hackney doesn't think state lawmakers will override the governor's veto of Houe Bill 2.

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Laura Leslie

House Minority Leader Joe Hackney said today he's not overly worried about a Republican attempt to override the governor's veto of House Bill 2, the anti-HCR mandate bill. 

Republicans would need to pick up four Democratic votes to override the veto. They've been talking to some of his Democratic caucus members about voting with them, and several are being targeted for robo-calls in their districts, voiced by once (and probably future) Republican gubernatorial hopeful Pat McCrory. 

I asked him if he was concerned about whether his caucus could withstand the pressure.

“I believe we’ll be unanimous,” said Hackney, D-Orange. "Things could change, but I don't believe they will." 

What about Dems Bill Brisson and Jim Crawford, who've already voted for H2 three times?

“I believe we’ll be unanimous,” he reiterated.

Hackney also weighed in on the charter school reform bill (Senate Bill 8) currently making its way through the House, and on today's vote to allow community colleges to choose not to offer low-interest federal loans to students.

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