Perdue, Berger on the H2 veto

Gov. Bev Perdue explains her veto, and Senate Leader Phil Berger responds.

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Laura Leslie

Gov. Bev. Perdue's office issued the following statement on her veto today of H2, the anti-HCR mandate bill:

"I'm vetoing HB 2 for three reasons: first of all, House Bill 2 actually is contradictory to the federal constitution. A state can't pass a law that is out of abeyance with federal laws, and this House Bill 2 clearly is.

"Secondly, there are 27 other states that are engaged in this process. It's extraneous to North Carolina. This issue will reach the Supreme Court in a timely manner without North Carolina spending money and energy on it. It's superfluous.

"And third and most importantly, the attorney general and solicitor general have talked to me and the leadership of the General Assembly and explained clearly that there are some unintended consequences of House Bill 2 that dramatically affect our medicaid program, potentially hurting the childrens' health insurance program, attacking our process of requiring uninsured motorists to have insurance, attacking college students for having insurance. And finally the whole issue of unintended consequences -- today none of us know what this will mean in two weeks, two months or two years.

"This is an ill-conceived piece of legislation that's not good for the people of North Carolina. Therefore I veto it."

And here's the response from Senate Leader Phil Berger's office: 

A bill that Gov. Beverly Perdue previously said was “not worth a battle” received her veto stamp today, on the heels of a White House meeting with President Obama.

The Protect Health Care Freedom measure (HB 2) would have allowed North Carolinians to opt out of major provisions of Obama’s new federal health care law, such as the individual mandate that citizens purchase health insurance.

When asked about the bill earlier this week, Perdue said she had an entire team working on the bill, and, “I took it with me to Washington last weekend, and I'm in the process of deciding what I'm gonna do with it…”

Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) responded with the following statement:

“There’s no doubt this veto is a political move designed to protect the interests of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats. But it hurts North Carolinians by forcing them to follow an unconstitutional law. The people of North Carolina expect their leaders to change the course of state government, not score political points or protect their political patrons.”


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