Behind the Bills: More guns in more places

Concealed weapons could soon be legal at parks, in bars, and at the legislature. GOP leaders are looking for ways to ease the state's handgun laws.

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Laura Leslie

The House Judiciary committee is set to vote next week on whether private employers should be required to let workers bring guns onto their property, as long as the weapons are locked up in their parked cars.

H63 is just one of several bills that would ease NC"s gun laws, especially for people with concealed weapons permits. H111 would require cities to allow concealed weapons in public parks.  And H184 would give every elected state or local official with a concealed-carry permit the right to carry guns into schools, events, and even on the House and Senate floors.

Republican leaders say current restrictions don't allow responsible gun owners to adequately protect themselves. But other legislators say more guns in more places won't make anyone safer.  

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