2010 Census: Big House districts

The 2010 census raises the ideal size for an NC House district by almost one-fifth. Even so, five districts stand out as far too big.

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Laura Leslie

Under the new census numbers out today, if you could split the state up perfectly evenly into its120 House districts, the ideal size would be 79,462 – about 18 percent larger than the ideal House district size of 67,078 a decade ago.     

Even using the higher ideal, several House districts have gotten way, way too big. The five below all have populations that are more than 50 percent higher than the ideal, so they'll have to be trimmed down substantially.

  • House 37, Wake (Paul Stam) - 62.7 percent too big
  • House 40, Wake (Marilyn Avila) - 57.6 percent
  • House 41, Wake (Tom Murry) - 63.3 percent
  • House 68, Union (Craig Horn) - 76.3 percent
  • House 98, Mecklenburg (Thom Tillis) - 58.2 percent

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