Rouzer on regulatory reform

S22 sponsor Senator David Rouzer explains the GOP push for regulatory reform and a ban on new agency rules.

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Laura Leslie

State Senator David Rouzer, R-Johnston, is a primary sponsor of the Agency Rules Ban (S22). It's headed for a Senate floor vote Wednesday at 3pm. Rouzer's also a primary sponsor of SJR17, the Senate Joint Resolution to form a new Joint Regulatory Reform Committee.  SJR17 was approved by the Senate Tuesday in a unanimous vote. 

S22, the Rules Ban, would prohibit state agencies from writing any new regulations that increase user costs. Rouzer says it's just a "time-out" that won't actively repeal any current rules.  But he's not making any such promises about the Joint Regulatory Reform Committee.  If the House approves it, the new committee set up by SJR 17 will travel around the state, holding public hearings about regulations that impede business growth in NC. 

In the interview below, Rouzer says he's had a lot of complaints about regulations from his constituents. He couldn't name a specific rule that's causing heartburn, but says 9 out of 10 of the complaints he hears relate to rules from the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 


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