Liveblog: Senate Ag Comm on agency rules bill

The state Senate Agriculture Committee is debating Senate Bill 22, which would bar agencies from making any new rules that cost money.

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11:20 Adjourned.

11:19 Motion to approve.  Passes unanimously. 

11:18 Tillman: what if a rule doesn't cost money, but is a hassle and impedes the businessman? Rouzer: This basically calls a timeout on regulations. It is not a repeal of regulations that are currently on the books.  We're going to have a Joint Regulatory Reform Committee to review existing regulation.

11:16 Atwater: What if a rule would cost one entity more, but save other entities money?  Rouzer: if it increases cost to the regulated community or business at large, it would be banned.

11:16 Atwater: Would this cover fire code changes?  Rouzer: "Yes. But if it's something of great importance, we could take it up and pass it at that time."

11:13 Rouzer brings up clarifying amendment.  Actually tightens restrictiveness of bill. Passes.

11:11 Rouzer up to explain bill.  (He's committee co-chair, btw.)  "I don't know about y'all, but whenever I travel around my district, the number one thing my constituents talk to me about is the number of regulations they have to comply with."

By the way, you can listen to the audio from this meeting live online.  Go to ncleg.net/audio, and choose the stream for Room 544 (Finance).

11:06:  Meeting comes to order.  Sen East is chairing. There's no Proposed Committee Substitute, but an amendment is supposed to be forthcoming.


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