More on Senate money "pullback"

S13, the Balanced Budget Act, would take new and unspent money from a list of state funds.

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Some examples from the list of proposed fund cuts and "pull-backs" in S13 (not a complete list):

MSA (Master Settlement Agreement) money 

  • Golden Leaf:  loses annual funding of $67M. (Still has $555M in the fund proper.)
  • Health and Wellness Trust Fund: loses $11.7M 
  • Tobacco Trust Fund: loses $2.8M 

Job Development Investment Grants: loses $3M

One North Carolina Fund (econ dev): loses $5.2M

IT Funds (three line items): lose $13.6M 

Cancer Research Fund: loses $4.7M (still has $50M in fund)

Parks & Recreation Trust Fund: loses $8.5M

Dept. of Insurance Reserve: loses $1.2M

General Assembly Reserve: loses $1.9M

Aquariums Special Funds:  loses $1.5M

Will post the full list here as soon as I get back to a scanner. 


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