House GOP Committee Lists

Posted January 21, 2011 4:18 p.m. EST

Incoming Speaker Thom Tillis has released  draft committee assignments for Republican members.  

Appropriations Subcommittee co-chairs: These are the folks responsible for writing (and cutting) the budgets for their specific agencies.

  • Health and Human Services: Nelson Dollar and Justin Burr
  • Education: Bryan Holloway, Mark Hilton, and Hugh Blackwell
  • General Government: George Cleveland
  • Justice and Public Safety: David Guice and Shirley Randleman
  • Natural and Economic Resources: Carolyn Justice and Roger West
  • Transportation: Ric Killian and Philip Frye

Other (non-budget) committee chairmanships:

  • Environment: Pat McElraft, Ruth Samuelson, and Roger West 
  • Health and Human Services: Bill Current and Mark Hollo
  • Transportation: Frank Iler and Grey Mills

See the full list here.

And here’s a list of all the committees to which each Republican House member is assigned. Keep in mind, it’s a draft.

These lists don’t contain any Democrats yet. The Speaker usually consults with the Minority Leader before making those appointments.

Also missing: any mention of the Redistricting Committee. Guess that one’s TBA.