The GOP spin on Citizens for Progress ad

NC GOP questions whether it's such a good idea for Democrats to target Duke Energy.

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Mark Binker
RALEIGH, N.C. — Our fact of N.C. Citizens for Progress' latest ad attacking Pat McCrory, the GOP candidate for governor, launched a short time ago. 

The ad questions whether McCrory used his public position as mayor of Charlotte to advocate for policies favorable to Duke Energy. 

Aside from the substance of the ad, Republican operatives are calling into question whether its a smart move for Democrats to use and attack that features Duke. After all, the company is guaranteeing a line of credit for the DNC this fall.

NC GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood sent along this quote: 

“The Dalton-Perdue attack machine is so out-of-control that it is now viciously targeting one of their largest contributors. Talk about biting the hand that is feeding you. I’m sure that all of Dalton’s other supporters are sitting by wondering, “with friends like Walter Dalton, who needs enemies?” This can’t sit well with the DNC, who are set to receive $10M from Duke Energy for their convention. But if Dalton or the DNC feel queasy about these, they sure don’t let it show!”

Given that statement, a couple things bear pointing out: The ad is question is not a product of the Dalton campaign. It is underwritten in part by the Democratic Governors Association, of which Gov. Bev Perdue is an officer. And while Duke might not like being in the spotlight, the ad really is more critical of McCrory than the company itself. 


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