Money totals for lead groups in amendment fight

Anti-amendment forces appear to have raise more money and have more left over for last minute push.

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Mark Binker

Today is the deadline for political candidates and committees supporting or opposing the marriage referendum to report their first quarter receipts and expenditures. The State Board of Elections is doing the heavy lifting of getting all that data online today, and were still ripping through tons of envelopes when I visited this afternoon.

That said, the reports for the two biggest spenders in the May 8 constitutional amendment fight did go online today. The following numbers come from the state board's summary reports.

Vote for Marriage (pro-amendment)

Raised in first quarter: $1,178,903.59
Total raised for campaign: $1,192,278.59
Total Q1 Expenditures: $1,070,125.32
Cash on hand: $121,271.38
Amount from individual contributors: $310,962.62
Contributions from nonprofits: $852,429.72

Coalition to Protect All NC Families (anti-amendment)

Raised in first quarter: $2,035,613.90
Total raised for the campaign: $2,261,849.63
Total Q1 Expenditures: $1,827,475.68
Cash on hand: $293,523.41
Amount from individual contributors: $1,405,166.53
Contributions from nonprofits: $367,742.12
The long and the short of all those numbers: The anti-amendment forces have out-raised and out-spent the pro-amendment forces. They also have more cash on hand for the final push toward May 8. 

We'll be digging into the contributor lines as we're able to access them.

Update:  I just added numbers for individual versus nonprofit contributors. From the top line numbers, it looks like amendment opponents got more money from individuals, while backers got the bulk of their money from nonprofits.

Vote for Marriage Contributors

 The top contributors to Vote for Marriage (pro-amendment) are:

ContributorAmountChristian Action League $309,652.70National Organization for Marriage$302,589.52Phil Drake$250,000.00NC Values Coalition$55,800.00Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte $50,000.00Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh $50,000.00American Family Association $20,000.00Bayleaf Baptist Church $19,130.00First Baptist Church (Charlotte)$15,000.00Aggregated Individual Contribution$10,862.62AMDG Medical, LLC $10,000.00

 Coalition to Protect All NC Families Contributors

Top contributors to the Coalition to Protect All NC Families (anti-amendment) are: 

Contributor AmountJon Stryker$200,000.00Human Rights Campaign$196,081.08Aggregated Individual Contributions$155,359.05Replacements Ltd.$130,015.50Blueprint NC$104,612.97Todd Stiefel $100,000.00HRC NC Families PAC $55,000.00* Center for Community Self Help $35,857.24Ann B. Goodnight$25,000.00John Campbell$25,000.00Michael Edwards $25,000.00* Note: Theses are first quarter numbers and do not reflect information in 48 hour reports. That's why in an earlier post, I wrote about Center for Community Self Help giving more money than is reflected in this table.

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