Dalton says Parker should resign

A day after saying he didn't know where the truth lies, Dalton says NCDP Parker should step down.

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Mark Binker
Hours after other Democrats on the Council of State called for N.C. Democratic Party Chairman David Parker to step down, Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton added his name to the list.

Dalton's e-mail was something of a surprise, given that during Monday night's debate he said that the facts weren't all in on Parker.

“Sexual harassment should never be tolerated in the workplace. Anyone who commits it condones it or covers it up should resign immediately or be terminated. But as you have seen, the details are still coming in, they are conflicting. We need to wait to see where the truth lies,” Dalton said.

Anchor David Crabtree followed up by asking, “Do you think the chair should resign?" 

Dalton refused to say one way or another.

“I think you have to see where the truth lies. If the truth shows that he committed it, condoned it or covered it up, absolutely he should resign – there is absolutely no questions about that. But I don’t think we know where the truth lies right now because we keep hearing conflicting details on it," Dalton replied.

Less than a day later, Dalton sent the following:

“It has become evident that Chairman Parker’s effectiveness as leader of the party is greatly hindered, with many leading Democrats speaking out today. This is a crucial election year for the future of North Carolina and we cannot allow this issue to distract from our efforts to create good jobs, expand access to education and help people through tough times. For this reason, I think that David Parker should step aside for the good of the party so that we can turn our attention to moving North Carolina forward.”



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