House members ready to proceed with drilling preparation

A key house Republican say three differences remain with his Senate colleagues but legislation will move forward this year.

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Mark Binker
A house staffer objected when I wrote in an earlier post that there was a rift between the House and Senate on natural gas explorations.

In a news conference today, Rep. Mitch Gillespie said that he and Sen. Bob Rucho were -- mainly -- on the same page. 

That said, he outlined three differences they had in how the state ought to proceed. For example, the Senate would like to move on a faster timeline than Gillespie. 

And in characterizing the bill he wants to move Gillespie said, "We're going to move the needle just a little bit by requiring them to do further studies."

So consider this from Rucho earlier today: “With our country in the midst of a historic energy crisis and our unemployment rates at record highs, we can’t afford to delay energy development any longer with more studies and panel discussions."

While that may not count as a rift, that still feels like a big difference in tone.

More to come on this. 


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