Tillis explains amendment prediction

House Speaker says he supports the marriage amendment that voters will see in the May primary, but says future generations may repeal it.

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Mark Binker
House Speaker Thom Tillis visited N.C. State Tuesday night and spoke about a number of things, including the marriage amendment on the May primary ballot. From the student newspaper The Technician:

A question and answer session prompted questions on students’ minds, among those issues the upcoming Amendment One that would constitutionally ban homosexual marriage.

“It’s a generational issue,” Tillis said. “The data shows right now that you are a generation away from that issue.”

According to Tillis, researchers have predicted Amendment One will pass with approximately 54 percent, but Tillis, who voted to pass the amendment, believes it won’t remain long.

“If it passes, I think it will be repealed within 20 years,” Tillis said.

I asked Tillis to expand on those thoughts today. You can watch his full remarks in the video embedded with this story, but here's the summary: 

Tillis said that he supported the amendment and thought the measure would pass. However, Tillis said he could also foresee a time when a majority of voters might decide to repeal it. 

"If you take a look at the demographic trends ... I would expect that you would see pressure going in the opposite direction," Tillis said. 

Given that he thought it might be repealed, I asked Tillis whether it was wise to put the amendment in the constitution in the first place.

"Absolutely, because this generation and the majority of people today seem to be interested in having the question asked and then voted by the people," Tillis said. 

Tillis also talks about his philosophical hesitation about the amendment. The Republican Party, he said, is supposed to be about limiting the control government has over people's lives.

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