VA Senate candidate draws catfight

Just for fun: An unusual Senate candidate in VA has attracted the first known ailurophobe attack ad.

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Hank's campaign poster
Laura Leslie

It won't be long before real candidates here in NC are fighting like cats and dogs over the airwaves, so we might as well enjoy a good laugh while we can. 

Hank, an independent candidate for Virginia Democrat Jim Webb's US Senate seat, is a cat.  A Maine Coon, to be precise. At nine years old, he's a dignified brown tabby with a positive message: "A better America, a brighter future." He even wears a tie. 

"Rescued from the streets as a skinny young kitty, Hank picked himself up and never looked back. Although only 9 in human years, Hank has 52 cat years of life experience. Enthusiastic and energetic enough to chase the bouncy ball, he has the wisdom to understand that it is almost impossible to catch.

"During his formative years, Hank witnessed firsthand the problems faced by Virginia residents. “Other politicians may talk about how difficult it is when there aren’t enough kibbles to go around,” Hank said, “but I’ve been there. I know what you’re going through. When I’m elected to the Senate, I’m going to work hard to make sure that there is milk in every bowl across this great nation.”  

"A proud Independent, Hank brings real world experience, a unique point of view, and limitless energy to the office. He is devoted to ensuring small business growth and furthering his family-centered policies...

He's got a campaign ad, a press kit, yard signs, and a Facebook page. You can even follow him on Twitter.

The candidate isn't technically eligible to serve if elected, because he's not a "citizen" per se. But someone isn't taking any chances.   

Hank is the target of a new attack ad funded by the super-pac "Canines for a Feline-Free Tomorrow,' warning that voters don't really know him.

"Hank has never released his birth certificate, his tax returns, and he's never responded to allegations that he used catnip... And should a Maine Coon really be running for Senate in Virginia?" the announcer intones as the word "carpetbagger" appears onscreen.

On Twitter, Hank downplayed the attack ad. "See what happens when you demand change in Washington? You get hit with the same dirty tricks," he tweeted. 


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