McCrory on Marriage Amendment

Presumptive GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory didn't say much this week about the marriage amendment he'll share a ballot with next May.

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Laura Leslie

A lot of voices were heard this week in the debate over a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages and civil unions. 

Pat McCrory's wasn't one of them. 

As the (presumptive) GOP gubernatorial candidate most likely to share a ballot with the amendment in May 2012, his backing could be crucial to the campaign supporting the amendment. But privately, some Republican legislative staffers said they were wondering whether his support would be forthcoming.

"I believe marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman. I also support the right of the citizens of North Carolina to vote on a marriage amendment to allow the people to make the final decision instead of legislators or judges. An amendment should include language that makes clear that private businesses may enter into contracts with employees concerning benefits offered,” McCrory said in an emailed statement.

Spokesperson Brian Nick also clarified that McCrory does not support legal recognition, such as civil unions, for same-sex couples. 

Nick said last week McCrory had not been involved in the crafting of the amendment's language. But the statement above, emailed to me three days before the final draft of the amendment came out, certainly sounds similar to it.
Update: Nick says McCrory supports the final version.



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