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Taste test: Buffalo Chicken Rangoon

Posted October 22, 2010 7:13 p.m. EDT

Sometimes you'll see something new at the Fair that hasn't gotten a lot of hype, possibly because it's local or only available in one place. Woody's, a place famous for fried pickles and buffalo'd items of all sorts, has a new offering this year: Buffalo Chicken Rangoon.

I didn't know what Chicken Rangoon was, so I looked it up. Ingredients varied, but the core seems to be chicken, cream cheese, and garlic or other spices, wrapped in a wonton wrapper and deep fried. And in the case of Woody's, covered in buffalo sauce.

A snack-size selection of Buffalo Chicken Rangoon will cost you $5. I ordered some and then waited a few minutes while watching the sun set sort-of over the Expo Building. (Woody's has a great view.) It took a little while -- I saw a few orders of fried pickles go out while I waited -- but finally I had a fresh, hot order of BCR.

Twist, snap! The wonton wrapper was a comfortable mix of crispy and chewy, with a generous amount of rich, chickeny batter. And, unfortunately for me, a generous amount of buffalo sauce.

The buffalo sauce was okay at first, even adding a nice zing to the BCR. But as I kept eating it got hotter... and hotter... and hotter... when I ate the last of the BCR, I was relieved. I would not have been able to stand it any spicier, and as it was I was ready to go to the mini-donut booth and get another large "Un-Arnie."

This is not something to eat while you walk -- way too messy -- and if you're a heat wimp like me you might ask them to go easy on the buffalo sauce. But the Buffalo Chicken Rangoon would be perfect on a cool evening, a little something to fill you up before you hit the midway. Recommended.