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Taste Test: Krispy Kreme Burger

Posted October 17, 2010 8:01 p.m. EDT

I call some Fair offerings "train wreck food." These are the foods that sound so weird and so impossible you can't look away. Chocolate-covered bacon is an example. So's deep-fried butter. And so is a Krispy Kreme Burger.

A Krispy Kreme Burger is two Krispy Kreme donuts (instead of a bun), a burger patty, and various condiments if you like (bacon and cheese are also available.) There are a few booths selling them but the one I went to was across from the top of restaurant row. A Krispy Kreme Burger set me back $6.

I usually like a regular burger with cheese, pickles, mustard and onions. I didn't see onions on the condiment list (I might have missed it; I was too busy being shocked that the burger was two donuts instead of one donut cut in half), so I went with mustard, pickles, cheese, and bacon. This -- and I'm telling you now so you don't do it -- was a mistake.

We got the burger -- which was not especially warm; they had been premade -- and away we went. The mustard came in a little packet. The booth was generous with the pickles. And the donuts themselves were fresh.

After taking pictures I gingerly assembled my burger and took a few bites.

The burger and donut with the cheese was okay. The bacon added in, too, wasn't bad. Too sweet for my taste, but not too far off a sausage and pancake.

But pickles and donuts were not intended -- at least by my taste buds -- to go together in the same bite. And neither was mustard and donut.

I ate it, though. And then I went ptui ptui ptui! for a while.

Some things I eat at the Fair I quite like, and I'd eat them again in other settings (the Texas Fried Frito Pie, for instance.) But I normally don't like eating two donuts at a time, let alone with a meat patty. And I made bad condiment choices on top of that.

I won't be having this again, but it did give me an idea. More about that in a later blog post.