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Lye soap is at the Fair

Posted October 15, 2010 8:02 p.m. EDT

At one of the Got to Be NC Festivals -- the first one, I think -- a lady was there selling home made lye soap. I bought some. I then gave much of it away, ran out, and was ready to buy some next year, but I didn't see that vendor again.

I am not a doctor, and this blog post is not intended as medical advice. For medical advice consult your doctor! That having been said, I also want to say I like having lye soap around, as I find it useful for poison ivy and mosquito bites.

So I was very happy to see that Beth Woody in the Village of Yesteryear is selling lye soap! (If you can't recall a big LYE SOAP sign, don't worry, your memory is not playing tricks on you. Beth Woody is better known for her kaleidoscopes, and she's been participating in the Village of Yesteryear since 1969!) Her soap is just water, animal fat, lye, borax, and ammonia. It's not sold in cakes; they're more like chunks, and they're $1.50 each for 4 for $5.

A certain someone I know has been having a lot of trouble with poison ivy in the backyard, and consequently poison ivy all over their arms. They'll be getting a really early Christmas present this weekend!