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Taste Test: deep fried cookie dough

Posted October 24, 2009 7:48 a.m. EDT

Warm! Gooey! Delicious! I'm hearing the siren call of "Seconds...!"

Ain't it always the way? Some new things get all the buzz -- the chocolate covered bacon, the deep fried butter. And yet the thing you end up liking the most is something you haven't heard much about at all!

In the deep fried candy bars booth across from restaurant row, you'll see a modest sign proclaiming that fried cookie dough is now available. Poking around I see that this creation has been around for at least a couple of years. Have I missed it all this time? No matter. $3.50 gives you a nice little basket of fried cookie dough balls covered in powdered sugar. Mind the toothpicks.

First bite. I think the cookie dough is chocolate chip. The dough is warm and tastes terrific. The chocolate chips are melted and just add to the deliciousness. The batter around the outside is minimal and crispy. Personally I would have skipped the powdered sugar as it always adds to the mess factor of a food and I'm not sure you could improve on the cookie dough anyway.

This is far and away my favorite thing I've tasted at the Fair. It's inexpensive and you get enough to leave you full but not stuffed. Notice I said "feel full" and not "feel satisfied" -- I definitely thought about going back a couple of days later and getting more. Highly recommended!