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Taste Test: chicken-fried bacon

Posted October 20, 2009 6:13 p.m. EDT

On restaurant row, across from the grandstand area, there is a place that advertises deep fried macaroni and cheese, which I had a couple of years ago. If you go around to the right side of that booth, you'll see that they're also advertising chicken-fried bacon.

Caveat: do not get this if you're at the Fair alone. You'll need a food buddy. This is too much for one person. It's almost too much for two people.

Chicken-fried bacon is exactly what it sounds like. It's bacon with chicken frying medium put on it and fried. The bacon is warm but not crispy, alas. The coating is exceptionally crispy; if you like the KFC extra-crispy chicken coating you'll really like this. $6 gets you a huge serving of bacon slices chicken fried.

First bite. The coating crunches. The bacon does not. The coating if it was spiced would overwhelm the bacon; as it is the coating and the bacon go together nicely.  I wish the bacon were crisp instead of floppy. A side of ranch is provided with the bacon and that adds a bit to the flavor; I could have taken it or left it.

The biggest thing about chicken-fried bacon is how quickly you will feel full. I had a slice and I was done. I couldn't eat any more. A couple of friends of mine tried it and they couldn't eat much of it either. I wish there was a half-portion available!

So was it better than the chocolate-covered bacon? No; chocolate coating beats chicken coating any day. Now, if the mad Fair food scientists ever invent a coating that's a crispy chocolate coating AND keeps the bacon warm, I will be back for seconds.