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Incredible, no-longer-edible eggs

Posted October 20, 2009 8:22 a.m. EDT

I feel sorry for the Arts & Crafts Building, which is located a little ways down from the Grandstand toward the Village of Yesteryear. I feel sorry for it because it gets no love. Everyone talks about the Commercial / Educational building, but the Arts & Crafts building has crafts too and it doesn't get as much attention.

If you're not normally someone who takes in the Arts & Crafts Building, please give it a walkthrough this year, as the NC Egg Association got some excellent entries for its decorated egg contest, the winner of which will appear at the White House. (And I won't even mention the Amish fudge, winners of the Lego contest, and the unbelievable handcrafted furniture.)

I took some pictures of a few of the winning eggs but I couldn't really do them justice. You won't believe the level of detail and delicacy that was achieved in painting these eggs. Check them out!