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Taste test: deep fried pecan pie

Posted October 21, 2008 5:52 p.m. EDT

The first day of the Fair I tried some deep fried mac & cheese, courtesy of a large booth near the Grandstand that sells deep-fried-practically-anything. Today I went back and got deep fried pecan pie, on a stick, which set me back, I think, $4.

The concoction seems like a regular slice of pie battered and fried, with some powdered sugar on top. I suppose if you are a super-neat eater you could eat it while walking; I used a fork.

The pie filling has lots of large pecan chunks and tastes great. There seemed to be a little too much breading on it, which muted the taste of the filling. I ended up eating the pie insides and leaving some of the breading uneaten. One nice thing was the contrast in temperature. The breading was very warm, while the pecan pie itself was nice and chilled -- not frozen, just cold in a tasty contrast.

To me, better than a deep-fried Oreo, a tie with a deep-fried Ho Ho.