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State Fair Roundup 101808

Posted October 18, 2008 11:10 a.m. EDT

It used to be that if you needed an ATM during the Fair you had to go to the van near the Kerr Scott building or the year-round ATM near Dorton Arena. This year there are lots of ATMs everywhere. It seems like every ten yards or so you'll see the blinking green light of a BB&T ATM or a non-bank affiliated ATM.

The Fair folks are planning to have the chart up for tracking attendance this afternoon on the NCStateFair.org Web site. Thursday's attendance was 35,200, which doesn't really compare to any historical average daily attendance since the gates didn't open until 3pm, but it's not bad at all for just nine hours of availability.

Keep an eye out for the white signposts around the Fairgrounds to direct you to various exhibits. They don't tell you, for example, how far the Village of Yesteryear is from the Kerr Scott Building, but at least you'll know you're pointed in the right direction.

Is this just the first year I've noticed or are there really none of those midway games where you try to climb up a rope ladder without falling off? On the other hand the old midway now lets you take a turn at mechanical bull riding.

Check out the weather forecast! It's going to cloud up some on Friday but it looks like a great week of Fair weather...