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Taste Test: Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

Posted October 18, 2008 9:54 a.m. EDT

There's a large booth near the Grandstand that deep fries a variety of things, including Twinkies, Oreos, and Candy Bars. But I skipped all the sweet stuff for a taste test of deep fried macaroni and cheese. Four triangles of mac and cheese, deep fried in batter, was $4 at the booth.

It was made for us fresh so we had to wait a few minutes. Then we had to go sit down in the Grandstand and wait a few minutes longer because those four triangles essentially held MOLTEN CHEESE.

Eventually, I gingerly tried one. I had to eat two of the triangles before I realized what it tasted just like: a grilled cheese sandwich! A grilled cheese sandwich made with a lot of excellent cheese. I think the pasta itself was kind of lost in the crispness of the frying batter.

This would be a nice snack for two people to share. And as long as it's cooled off some, it's not messy, so you can eat it while strolling along.