WRAL.com at the State Fair

Three days to Fair food!

Posted October 13, 2008 9:36 p.m. EDT

It's hard enough to wait for Thursday without the serious buzz going around about the deep-fried pecan pie (on a stick, of course) that some folks got to try today. (Not that I'm jealous or anything. Hungry, maybe, but not jealous.)

Hearing about the upcoming good eats did remind me of a couple of foodie notes I wanted to make about the Dixie Classic Fair, which closed yesterday in Winston-Salem.

I did not see any pecan-pie-on-a-stick, but my husband and I did share an order of marshmallows-dipped-in-chocolate-on-a-stick. Sprinkled with coconut. For a Fair dessert thing it was actually rather light. He wasn't impressed but I thought it was a nice option if you couldn't face the notion of an entire funnel cake.

He has a thing about only eating turkey legs at the "official Fair" so we had lunch at a cajun booth that I really hope is at the Raleigh Fair; I had a thick stew with shrimp, sausage, chicken, rice, and a wonderful peppery gravy. The only bad thing about it was it left me too full to eat anything else for hours.

And I didn't get to taste any of it but I did want to mention an amazing cake I saw by Nikki Crater of Clemmons. She created an Operation Cake complete with labels (Wrenched Ankle, Charlie Horse, etc.) and did a terrific job. Check out the picture!

Since the Fair is only a few days away, the WRALFair1 Flickr account is going full speed ahead! Check out the photostream at Flickr.com. And feel free to friend that account; we'll keep an eye out for your Fair photographs!