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Of fish, flu shots, and food finders

Posted September 29, 2008 10:15 p.m. EDT

Have you noticed that the closer we get to the Fair the more random these posts get? It'll get more coherent closer to the big day, I promise. But in the meantime...

The Fair is looking for fish-stencilers! There are over 200 storm drains on the Fairgrounds and the Fair folks are looking for help stenciling messages reminding visitors that the storm drains actually drain to the river. The big paint date is October 4; details at http://2008ncstatefair.blogspot.com/2008/09/on-oct-4-stencil-for-good-cause.html.

Turkey legs, funnel cake, cotton candy, and flu shots! NCStateFair Twitterfolks let me know that flu shots will be available during the Fair "in the dome near Dorton Arena/Hillsborough Street." (Doesn't that dome have a name? Somebody name that dome!) You have to be 18 to get the shot and it'll cost you $30.

Speaking of food, I'm disappointed that the Fair Food Finder seems to have vanished. It was marked as "coming soon" on the General Information page, and now that's gone. It's too bad; I was looking forward to mapping out a food walk.