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Grab some pants and do a dance

Posted September 7, 2008 11:10 p.m. EDT

Last year SUBWAY's Jared Fogle held a sandwich creation contest with the finalists reviewed at the Grandstand during the Fair. The "Blackbeard's Spicy Sweet Seven Seas" sub won, and the crowd had a lot of fun watching the taste testing.

This year, there will be no food but there will be Jared. This year, Jared wants to see you dance. In your pants.

The contest is called Pants Dance Revolution and the contest site's at http://www.pantsdancerevolution.com/. (Dear State Fair and SUBWAY, if you get sued by Konami you can call the contest Britches Boogie.)

Here's the idea: pick a pair of pants and video yourself doing a dance in them. (One assumes that other clothes are also called for; the rules specifically prohibit inappropriate content.) Five finalists will be chosen from the uploaded videos; the finalists will perform their trouser tarantellas on Wednesday, October 22, on the Waterfall Stage. Jared and the audience will judge the best bellbottom mazurka. (Actually you can judge and rate videos long before October 22 -- the contest has a YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/pantsdancerevolution.)

The winner of the dungarees do-si-do will get a Nintendo Wii, a Wii Fit, a year's worth of SUBWAY sandwiches, and, for some reason, a signed pair of Jared's old 60" waist pants. The other finalists will win a SUBWAY party sub.

This is one YouTube channel I'm keeping an eye on...