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Taste Test: BBQ Sundae

Posted October 15, 2007 12:58 p.m. EDT

I miss Matt's Shark Shack. I didn't go anywhere else during the year that I could have shark, so I considered shark-on-a-stick a uniquely Fair treat.

Very close to where the 'Shack used to be on the kiddie midway, there's a place with a large banner that says "BBQ Sundae". Ugh. When it comes to visuals I'll put that right up there with "Pizza Smoothie".

But the food itself is pretty good! A BBQ Sundae is pulled pork on the bottom, baked beans in the middle, and slaw -- moist slaw, not goopy wet slaw -- on top. I got mine without baked beans (I hate baked beans) and my husband got his with everything.

If you get it without the baked beans you will lose some flavor. I recommend taking advantage of the vinegar sauce and other condiments at the booth. (The pulled pork is plain as it is.) My husband pronounced his "excellent," with tasty but not overly-sweet beans and fresh pulled pork. I pronounced mine "boring" until I got a couple of shots of vinegar sauce, then it was "very tasty." The pork was really fresh, the slaw was moist but not drippy, and the sauce had a zing to it but didn't burn my mouth off.

I was a little afraid when I ordered it that I was going to get this huge container of food. But the BBQ is great; just enough to fill you up but not enough to leave you feeling like you're going to be dragging all over the fairgrounds. If you order the sweet tea at this booth beware -- it is VERY sweet.