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Taste Test: Deep Fried Reese's Cups

Posted October 13, 2007 11:11 a.m. EDT

There will be a critical mass one day, y'know -- the vendors at the Fair will run out of things to fry. Eventually there will be a huge breakthrough when they realize that thanks to nanotechnology, fry batter the thickness of one molecule will be possible. After that everything you will be deep fried. Even your tickets will be deep fried.


Anyway, we're not quite there yet and there's still plenty of stuff left to fry. Among the offerings this year are deep fried Reese's Cups. Strung on a stick two at a time and dusted with powdered sugar, they're ideal to share with your spouse.

"Be careful, they're hot," said the counter lady as she handed them to me. My husband and I went and sat under a tree, staring at the cups apprehensively and thinking of burning our mouths with hot peanut butter. After taking the pictures he went first.

"The warm peanut butter is good," he said after a while. (He was unscathed.) "You can taste the chocolate but not much. It's mostly peanut butter. But there's too much batter."

I took the other one and tried it. He was right. The peanut butter was really good, warm and just an undertaste of chocolate (you really can't taste it that much.) But there's way too much bread for it. My husband and I both agreed that the BRR (Bread-to-Reese's Ratio) was far too high. I think we'll pass on this one and wait for the batter width of one molecule...