WRAL.com at the State Fair

Water Water Everywhere -- We Wish

Posted October 13, 2007 10:33 a.m. EDT

The waterfall's not running this year to conserve water, but the water ride at the top of the hill by the Kerr Scott Building is. If you want to cool off any, just go stand next to it for a few minutes. You'll get soaked in no time. Or go to Heritage Circle, behind the "History of the State Fair" building. The shade from the trees and the breeze blowing up off the pond make it a wonderful place to relax. The geese and ducks that hang out by the grist mill sure seem to think so. (Note to self: bring crackers for geese.)

If you want more water than a splash from a ride, check out the Navy diver in the tank behind the Dorton Arena. Fortunately it will not be hot enough over the course of the fair that you'll want to crawl in the tank with 'em...

Is it going to rain? The WRAL weather team says maybe. Wednesday specifically, with a high of 79 degrees. The N&O is giving away umbrellas and there's a place in the kiddie midway where you can buy rain ponchos from a vending machine. I know people want sunny days for the fair, but wouldn't a few showers be nice?