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Taste Test: Deep Fried Buffalo'd Cheesecake

Posted October 12, 2007 7:03 p.m. EDT

As you know, this year's Fair theme is "Seriously Twisted Fun". And I must take issue. I mean, the twisted animals are nice, but I'm not getting the seriously twisted sub contest. How twisted can you get when you just rearrange standard ingredients? I can't see it. So I felt like it was my responsibility, as a Fair Fanatic, to actually get twisted with my Fair food experience.

There's a place across from the north side of Dorton Arena called Woody's. Woody's sells a variety of wings and shrimp and fried things, and brags that it "Will Buffalo Anything."

So I wandered over there and ordered the fried cheesecake, which looks a bit like a burrito. And then I asked them to buffalo it. You know, put buffalo sauce on it. The conversation went like this: "Really?" "Yes." "Really?" "Yes." "You're sure?" "Yes." "Hey, this lady wants her cheesecake buffalo'd! Woo!"

I ate a bite in front of the cook just to prove that I did intend to consume it, then took it to the picnic table behind the kiosk.

First of all, buffalo'd cheesecake is pretty. It has those nice red highlights, and the powdered sugar sets it off perfectly. And it actually tastes pretty good! The buffalo sauce is spicy and the cheesecake filling is cool, and the two flavors sit well together.

I ate the whole thing. As a Fair treat it's not going to take the place of funnel cake or candy apples, but it was interesting to try.