WRAL.com at the State Fair

T Minus Two

Posted October 11, 2007 9:14 a.m. EDT

Yesterday afternoon I went out to the Faigrounds to grab a few tickets and walk around. The line for the tickets was huge! There were plenty of people around the Fairgrounds, too. I put up some pictures of the Fair-Under-Construction up at Flickr. Feel free to browse. And hey, be sure to tagyour Flickr Fair photos with ncstatefair2007 (or just add WRALFlickr1 as one of your contacts!) I'll highlight great photos in this blog. (WRAL wants your photos too! Details at http://www.wral.com/entertainment/statefair/ .)

A few thoughts from yesterday:

1) I saw a couple of twisted animals on the grounds. The cow across from the Kerr Scott building made me laugh very hard.

2) There's no water going over the waterfall, but there's water in the pool. What that water will look like in nine days I shudder to think.

3) Some folks have mentioned in the comments that they like going to get a milkshake from the booth over by the Arts & Crafts building near the Grandstand. I have avoided doing that because of the lines. I didn't know that booth will open late this afternoon! Maybe I'll get a milkshake after all.

4) The new paved area by the Kerr Scott building looks fantastic! I can't wait to see that area lit up at night with the new lamps.

5) WRAL has a schedule on the State Fair page at http://www.wral.com/entertainment/statefair/ .  That schedule has both regular Fair events and a list of when the on-air personalities will be at the WRAL tent. Don't forget to pick up your Fishel Face!

It starts tomorrow!