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State Fair Roundup

Posted September 20, 2007 6:30 p.m. EDT

Ready to believe that it's just about three weeks to the Fair? Woo hoo!

There haven't been any more major announcements, but some minor things that you might find of interest.

1. Daughtry and Paula Deen are both sold out at Dorton Arena. For the commenters asking, Paula Deen is a cook and an author of cookbooks; you can read more about her at http://pauladeen.com/ .

2. Lots of news on the transportation front. Fairgoers who take the bus will get a $10 SUBWAY gift card while supplies last -- one ticket, one gift card. Be sure to check the transportation page for information on that as well as notes on parking -- both where you can and can't park. Used to parking along Wade Avenue? The Web site warns that if you try it this year you're gonna get towed...

3. Powers Great American Midway will be back for their second year with a couple new rides, including the G-Force, which is described as a "u-shaped rollercoaster/drop-tower hybrid". For those folks who might find that sort of a ride a bit much, there's also the Rockin' Tug, for the kids. You can see a picture of that at http://www.powersmidways.com/rides-kiddy/kiddy-pages/Rockin-Tub.html .

4. Look for the farm animals all around the Fairgrounds. They've been decorated by local high schools, who are up to win some money! Check out more details about the Farm Animal Frenzy at http://www.farmanimalfrenzy.com (unfortunately a lot of the pages here are "coming soon"...