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What's the Seriously Twisted Sub Contest?

Posted September 12, 2007 6:27 a.m. EDT
Updated September 12, 2007 6:32 a.m. EDT

If you're wondering what the seriously twisted sub contest is at the Fair, you can find out at http://www.seriouslytwistedsub.com/index.html . I thought it was going to be some kind of cooking thing, but no, you can enter online. It's brought to you by SUBWAY.

There's an entry form at the Web site where you can build a sub from standard SUBWAY ingredients (I guess you can't build a peanut butter/cheese/onion sandwich) along with chips and possibly another side dish (apples, raisins, etc.) You then name your sub and fill out the entry form.

The contest rules page makes some things clear that aren't made clear on the entry page. First it's one entry per person. Second, only 5000 entries will be accepted. Third, the sandwiches are actually being judged! I don't know if the judges are going to go to a SUBWAY and build them or what.

The subs will be judged based on taste, adherence to theme (though I didn't see opportunities for getting really wacky with the ingredients list) and originality, but there's one more factor as well. From the rules: "How well your selected ingredients are used to promote a stable sandwich that won’t slip or slide apart." Yes, your entry will be judged on taste, originality, adherence to theme, and STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY. Don't twist it TOO hard. The rules also say that the sub finalists will be put on the State Fair Web site for voting, but not when.

The grand prize for the contest is a year’s supply of SUBWAY sandwiches and a pair of tickets to the 2007 SUBWAY 500. I think that's worth spending a little while thinking about your perfect (albeit twisted) SUBWAY sandwich.